奶蜜星球名稱靈感來自《聖經.申命記 26:9 》:「將我們領進這地方、把這流奶與蜜之地賜給我們。」 奶蜜星球代表一個充滿愛和希望的地方,沒有傷害、沒有放棄,也沒有孤單。動物居民們經常互相關心,喜歡合作的感覺。

The name of Milk-Honey Planet is inspired by the “Bible. Deuteronomy 26:9” : “Bring us into this place, and give us this land flowing with milk and honey.”

Milk-Honey Planet represents a place full of love and hope,there is no harm, no giving up, and no loneliness here. Animals often care for each other and like to help each other.

Elephanta is the painter of Milk-Honey Planet series.

At first,Elephanta regarded drawing cute animals in her spare time as a hobby.Because more and more fans began to follow her paintings, Elephanta established “Milk-Honey Planet” brand in 2018, Looking forward to touch people with the warm and lovely illustrations and bringing more bright and beautiful feelings to the world.

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